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Crown Lands Administration Division


The Crown Lands Administration Division is responsible for managing and allocating the Province's Crown land resource in an environmentally responsible manner to meet the social and economic development needs of the public and private sectors.


The Crown Lands Administration Division administers approximately 88% of the provincial land mass as Crown land. The Division makes land available for industry, settlement, recreational and conservation needs in an environmentally safe manner compatible with adjoining land uses. In doing so, the Division processes approximately 3000 land tenure applications annually; secures and guarantees Crown land title; and prevents the unauthorized use of Crown land.

The Division also investigates adverse land claims; reviews and inspects legal surveys; prepares legal documents of title for all dispositions of Crown Land; creates land ownership mapping; maintains an air photo and map library: and maintains a land registry of Crown titles and records.


These services provided by the Division, are used by a wide variety of stakeholders for an even wider array of purposes. At the very basic level, the general public uses historical information held in the Crown Lands Registry to provide a snap shot of what lands have been issued to land holders since the 1800's by the Province. This could be for personal reasons such as genealogical purposes or for researching land ownership claims. At the more professional level, these records are used by solicitors, surveyors, and title searchers to provide assurances of legitimate title ownership in completing land transactions or evidence during legal proceedings. Also, Federal and Provincial government departments routinely research the Registry titles in performance of their duties and responsibilities.

The requirement for Crown land by private individuals, developers, municipalities, and industry continues for such purposes as residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial uses. In addition, the Federal Government and Provincial government departments routinely request transfers of Crown lands for their individual uses. With the large percentage of the Province being Crown owned, the Division is charged with the responsibility of ensuring all of the needs of these clients are met to the benefit of the people of the Province.


General Enquiries Listing

Crown Lands Administration Division

For all information relating to Crown lands acquisition, application processing, field investigations and complaint enforcement please call the applicable Regional Office as listed below.

Eastern Regional Lands Office 729-2654
Central Regional Lands Office 256-1400
Western Regional Lands Office 637-2390
Labrador Regional Lands Office 896-2488

Crown Lands Registry                             729-3085

For information pertaining to the Crown Lands Registry, title issuance, and related Crown lands records.

Crown Lands Titles Preparation             729-4264

For information pertaining to survey authorizations, Crown lands survey review and title document preparation.

Air Photo Map Library                             729-3304

To order aerial photography, topographic mapping, resource mapping, community mapping and related scanning, printing and enlargement services.

Crown Lands GIS                                    729-2202

To order Crown Lands GIS data and for any questions relating to GIS Data User Agreements.

Cadastral Mapping                                   729-0061

For information relating to the mapping index to Crown lands titles, registration of grants lost in the Great fires or questions about old survey plans and diagrams.

For Crown Lands Administration Division staff contact information click here.

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