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These definitions are not intended to be considered legally definitive and are presented for general information purposes only.

Community Infilling Limits

The extents to which Crown land may be available for development within a defined area beyond the developed part of a community. Beyond designated Infill Limits, Crown land will not be allocated for certain kinds of development.

First Come-First Served

Processing of complete applications according to the order in which they are received.


A form of tenure where ownership of land has been transferred from the Crown to the grantee, subsequent to development of the lot and payment of the full cost of the land.

High Demand Areas

Crown land cottage development areas within which demand for cottage lots exceeds the lots available.

Land Freeze

Areas within which, for reasons pertaining to government policy, no applications for Crown land will be accepted.


A form of tenure where ownership remains with the Crown but may eventually transfer to the lessee as a grant under certain conditions. Usually a lease is precedent to a grant and a lessee has the option of paying 20% of the cost of the grant per year for five years, after which freehold title may be granted, provided the lot has been developed and full payment made.

Licence To Occupy (LTO)

A form of tenure where permission to use the land for a specified purpose and under certain conditions is given to a licencee but where ownership of the land remains with the Crown.

Public Draw Process

A means by which applications are randomly selected to ensure fairness in lot allocation, particularly in high demand areas or where more than one application is submitted simultaneously for a particular lot.

Shoreline Reservation

A 15 metre public reservation around all fresh and marine waterbodies and water courses which shall remain publicly accessible as required by the Lands Act, Chapter 36, SNL 1991 c36 s7.

Squatter's Rights

Adverse possession, commonly known as "Squatters Rights", is possession of land which is open, notorious, continuous, and exclusive that commenced and continues without the owner's consent. Where such possession has occurred on Crown land, has continued for a period of twenty (20) consecutive years or more prior to January 1, 1977, and has remained continuous since that date to the present time, the Crown's ownership is subject to statutory rights acquired by the adverse possessor who may be eligible to receive a title under the Quieting of Titles or the Lands Act.


The division of a single parcel of land into two or more parcels.

Waterfront Lot

A parcel of land that has open access along part of its boundary to a water body separated only by the public shoreline reservation.

Water Lot

Land that is partially or completely covered by water.

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