Fisheries and Land Resources

Lands Act - Section 7 Notifications

Section 7(5) of the Lands Act requires the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources to publish the following information with respect to an application that includes the shoreline reservation on its website within 5 days of the date the application is received:

  1. the exception under which the application is being made;
  2. a description of the lands in respect of which the application is being made; and
  3. notice that a person who wishes to object to the application must file the objection with reasons for it with the minister within 30 days from the date the notice is posted on the department's website.

Notices will be posted as they are received at the Regional Lands Office.

Section 7 Notifications

Region Application # Location Purpose Date Posted
Eastern 156609 Sweet Bay Walking Trail March 13, 2020
Eastern 156610 Trinity Bay Boat House and Wharf March 12, 2020
Central 156568 Butt's Pond Aircraft Hanger/Slipway March 4, 2020
Western 136045 Flowers Cove Recreational Walking Trail March 2, 2020
Central 156306 Eastport Recreational Walking Trail March 2, 2020
Central 85204 Hardy's Cove Residence February 18, 2020
Eastern 156491 Strong Tickle Anchoring a Floating Wharf February 17, 2020
Central 84614 Mooring Cove(Near Port Anson Causeway) Aquaculture Wharf, Storage Area & Storage Shed February 13, 2020
Eastern 156429 Neddie Smiths Pond Walking Trail February 13, 2020
Central 156442 Fogo Boathouse/Wharf February 13, 2020
Eastern 156475 Swift Current Wharf/Slipway February 13, 2020
Eastern 156326 Little Gull Pond recreational wharf January 27, 2020
Eastern 156317 Spout Pond Boathouse/Wharf January 27, 2020
Central 156407 George's Pond(Terra Nova Area) Wharf & Boathouse January 27, 2020
Eastern 156384 Neddie Smith's Pond Walking Trail January 27, 2020
Central 156372 Trinity, Bonavista Bay Wharf/Boathouse January 27, 2020
Central 137557 Alexander Bay An intrusion of the shoreline reservation for a residence January 23, 2020
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