Fisheries and Land Resources

Provincial Protected Areas

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador establishes and manages three types of protected areas in the province. Each type is designed to fulfill different conservation and recreation purposes.

In the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, the Natural Areas Program, Land Management Division is responsible for:

  • Wilderness reserves
    • Large protected areas (greater than 1,000 km2) that are designed to protect significant natural features and landscapes, and to provide wilderness settings for low-impact outdoor recreation. Wilderness reserves also serve as study areas for researchers, teachers, and students. There are two wilderness reserves in the province.
  • Ecological reserves
    • Protected areas of less than 1,000 km2 - smaller than wilderness reserves - that are created for two main purposes:
      • to protect representative examples of ecosystems or ecoregions
      • to protect unique, rare, or endangered plants, animals, or other elements of our natural heritage. In this province, the reserves in this category are divided into three general types: botanical, fossil, and seabird ecological reserves.
    • There are 18 ecological reserves in the province.

The Parks Division, within the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation, is responsible for:

  • Provincial parks
    • Provincial parks vary in size and are set in a variety of environments across the province - from beaches to woods, riversides, and hilltops. They are places where residents and tourists come to celebrate, discover, explore, understand, and appreciate the province's natural heritage. Parks are used mainly for camping and outdoor recreation, but they also provide protection for the natural features and species within their borders. There are 31 provincial parks in the province.
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