Fisheries and Land Resources

Permits & Forms

In the wilderness and wildlife reserves section of the Heritage River Corridor, the following permits are required. You must obtain your permit before you enter the reserve, and carry it with you.

Entry Permits

Visitors to the wilderness reserve or wildlife reserve require an entry permit. Application forms for the wilderness reserve entry permit are available at a variety of locations around the province and are usually processed within a day.

Application forms for the wildlife reserve are available by contacting the Wildlife Division. An entry permit is not required for the Lower River Zone.

Commercial Operator Permit

All commercial operators, including outfitters and tour guides, whose activities take them inside the wilderness reserve's borders require a commercial operator permit.

Educational Tour Permit

Any group, including school, university, or conference groups, conducting a tour within a wilderness reserve requires an educational tour permit.

Scientific Research Permit

Anyone who wants to conduct scientific research in a wilderness reserve requires a scientific research permit. For more information, see Science & Research.

For scientific research, commercial operator, or educational tour permits, please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing.

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