Fisheries and Land Resources

Rules & Regulations

Wilderness conservation is one of the Province's reserve system's primary goals.

The following activities are strictly prohibited in the parts of the Bay du Nord Heritage River Corridor that run through the Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve:

  • introducing plants, animals, or anything else to the reserve landscape
  • forestry, mining (including exploration), hydro development, agriculture, new roads, tracks, or building construction, except in the Lower River Zone where all activities are subject to existing government agencies regulations and policy

The following rules also apply when you are inside the wilderness reserve area:

  • an entry permit is required, except in the Lower River Zone. You must carry your entry permit with you into the reserve.
  • you must pack out everything you bring in, including cans, glass, and other refuse
  • snowmobiling is not permitted in the caribou winter range from December 15 to March 15
  • use of ATVs for game retrieval is not allowed in the Corridor
  • during some seasons, open fires may be prohibited. Contact your local office of the Department of Natural Resources to determine if open fires are permitted. Completely extinguish fires before leaving.
  • aircraft must fly above 600 m, except during take-off and landing; there are no such restrictions over the Lower River Zone
  • dogs and horses are permitted, if they are kept under control at all times
  • camping in one location is restricted to no more than 10 days

Official Regulations

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