Fisheries and Land Resources

Rules & Regulations

Wilderness conservation is one of the province's reserve system's primary goals, so there are rules governing activities within all of our wilderness and ecological reserves. Some rules are universal, some vary with each reserve.

All wilderness reserves are open to a range of low-impact recreational activities-entry permits are required.

The following activities are strictly prohibited in all wilderness and ecological reserves:

  • Disturbing, destroying, or removing plants, animals, or fossils
  • Introducing plants, animals, or anything else to the reserve landscape
  • Forestry, mining (including exploration), hydro development, agriculture, new roads, tracks, or buildings
  • Driving off-road vehicles including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs)

Read the official reserve regulations:

Report an Offence

The government seeks assistance from the public in reporting any violation of provincial legislation (i.e. Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Act, Wildlife Act, etc.) or crimes against our natural resources.

To report an offence call:

Crime Stoppers
Toll Free: 1-800-363-TIPS(8477)

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