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American Eel

Anguilla rostrata Vulnerable (October 2006)
Eels are fish with extremely elongated bodies with a wedge shaped head and they superficially resemble snakes. Females are larger and can grow up to a metre and weigh several kilograms. American eels can be found in most coastal areas and adjacent accessible rivers in Newfoundland, but are only known as far north as English River in Labrador. They spawn only in the Sargasso Sea in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean. In central Canada populations have collapsed (99% decline) and downward trends have been recorded in surveys on the Avalon Peninsula and the west coast of Newfoundland. American Eel

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Banded Killifish

Fundulus diaphanous Vulnerable (May 2003)
The banded killifish is a small fish with an elongated, slender body that is slightly flattened at the back of the head. Its back is dark brown to olive green, and its sides are silvery or yellowish, with white bars on its underparts. Its average length is 75 mm. This little fish, similar to a mummichog, is known from a limited number of sites on insular Newfoundland, on the west and northeast coasts and the Burin Peninsula. It is isolated from mainland populations and is now being investigated as a possible sub-species. Banded Killifish

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