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Big Game Regulations

In addition to the Regulations For All Hunters, these regulations apply to Big Game Hunters.

Age Limit

To apply for a Big Game Licence you must be 18 years of age or older by Aug. 31 in the year of application.

Licence Limit

A person who holds a big game licence issued through the draw process may hold only one big game licence to shoot a moose or one big game licence to shoot a caribou in a 12-month period ending the 30th day of April.

The above does not prevent the holder of either of these licences from holding a regular caribou hunting licence for Labrador, nor does it prevent the holder of a special caribou licence or a regular caribou licence from holding one of the big game licences issued through the draw process.

Party Licence

Each member of a party licence is considered to be the holder of that licence.

Members of the party licence may carry firearms and hunt provided they are in the immediate area of, and within sight of, each other while both are hunting.

As a member of a party licence, you may hunt alone provided you are carrying the licence and tags.

Only the persons named on a party licence are eligible to hunt with that licence.

Firearms, Ammunition

It is unlawful:

  • to hunt big game with any .22 calibre rifle or any rifle using ammunition with a bullet weight of less than 100 grains or a muzzle energy less than 1,500 foot pounds. NOTE: For this regulation .22 caliber includes .218, .219, .220, .222, .22/250, .223, .224 and .225 calibre rifles. NOTE: In Labrador, caribou may be hunted using .22 calibre centrefire rifles with a muzzle energy of 1,500 foot pounds or more.
  • to hunt big game with a rifle slug with any shotgun smaller than 20 gauge.
  • to hunt big game with or carry in any area frequented by wildlife, full metal cased non-expanding bullets commonly known as service ammunition.
  • to hunt big game with a firearm using any ammunition other than a single bullet or ball.

Bows and Arrows

It is unlawful:

  • to hunt big game with a long bow, recurve bow, or compound bow and arrow unless the bow has at least 20 kilograms pull at full draw.
  • to hunt big game unless the hunting arrows are tipped with a metal hunting head with two or more sharpened cutting edges.

Hunters with a Disability

Hunters with a disability must submit an Application form for the Program for Hunters and Anglers with a Disability PDF (198 KB), and be approved before designating someone to harvest their big game animal. For more information, see Program for Hunters and Anglers with a Disability.

Bag Limit

While there are exceptions, most Big Game Licences have a bag limit of one animal. Hunters are advised to read the hunting season sections in the annual Hunting and Trapping Guide PDF (26 MB).

Hunting Hours

It is unlawful to hunt big game earlier than one-half hour before sunrise or later than one-half hour after sunset on any day.


It is unlawful to use traps, pitfalls or snares of any description to hunt big game. Note: Licensed black bear hunters may snare black bears using Aldrich foot snares or similar devices, which must be set up in a covered "cubby set." The set must be clearly marked with a warning sign indicating that a bear snaring device is set in the "cubby."


It is unlawful to use a dog for hunting big game.

Swimming Animals

It is unlawful to hunt or molest any big game animal while it is swimming.

Proof of Sex or Age

The holder(s) of a male-only licence must leave the scrotum of the animal attached to one hind quarter as proof of sex. NOTE: The testicles and penis may be removed, if desired, but the scrotum must remain attached to the carcass until the animal is transported to the hunter's home. If a calf is harvested on a male-only or calf or female-only or calf licence, hunters must retain the jawbone of their kill as proof of age. The holder(s) of female-only licence must retain the head of their kill as proof of sex.


Use of Tags - Transport of Big Game

Metal tags issued with a Big Game Licence must be attached and locked on the animal before it is removed from the place of kill.

It is unlawful to possess or transport big game unless the tags are attached and locked to the carcass between the tendon and the leg bone of each quarter so that the tag cannot be removed without breaking the lock, or cutting, breaking or tearing the tag, tendon or bone. NOTE: The tag must be attached and locked around the bone, or attached and locked around the tendon as shown.

Faulty Tags
In rare cases a tag may be faulty, and fail to lock. If this occurs, contact the nearest Wildlife Officer immediately. It is an offense to transport meat with unlocked tags. A replacement tag will be issued and must be affixed before the meat is moved from the actual site of the kill.


The tags must remain with the meat until it has been used or consumed. If you give a quarter of the animal to someone, the attached tag must remain in the possession of that person until the meat is used or consumed.

A big game animal must be removed from the place of kill on or before the closing date of the season. If you cannot remove the animal by that date, you must get a permit to transport game in closed season from a Conservation Officer.

Surrender of Licences - Returns - Unused Tags

You must return your licence to the Wildlife Division within seven days after the close of the season if no kill is made.

You must fill in and forward your licence return to the Wildlife Division within seven days of the date of kill or within seven days after the close of the season if no kill is made. If you do not take an animal, you must return the unused tags issued with the licence.

Surrender of Jawbone

Every successful moose or caribou hunter must return the lower jawbone of his/her kill to the Wildlife Division and, upon request of a Conservation Officer, shall submit the tagged jawbone of the moose or caribou for inspection.


Possession or Sale of Big Game

You may possess big game meat only if you hold a valid licence or if you have been freely given the meat by a valid licence holder. If you are not the licence holder, you must get written proof that you acquired the meat from a licence holder and you must show this proof if requested by a Conservation Officer.

You can only sell big game meat if you have a valid selling permit (available free from the Wildlife Division) and the buyer has a valid Wild Meat Service Licence.

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