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The Coyote


Newfoundland and Labrador's newest land mammal, the coyote, is gradually occupying all available habitat on the Island. It appears that the species arrived here in the mid-eighties by crossing the Gulf of St. Lawrence (likely from Cape Breton) on the winter ice pack. A single coyote has been recorded for central Labrador. This instance appears to be an isolated eastward migration from Quebec, where the species is more common.

The coyote is a very adaptable and enterprising carnivore and will undoubtedly take up permanent residence in this Province. It is likely that on Newfoundland Island, the coyote will thrive in the niche left vacant by the loss of the Newfoundland Wolf early in the twentieth century.

Salmonier Nature Park

Salmonier Nature Park is in the early planning stages of a live animal exhibit that will feature this interesting animal.

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