Fisheries and Land Resources

Provincial Wildlife Reserves

Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve

The 618km2 Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve was established under the Wild Life Act in 1990, for the purposes of protecting the Middle Ridge caribou herd and habitat. The largest caribou herd in insular Newfoundland (~8000 animals) has its calving ground throughout Middle Ridge and the neighbouring Bay du Nord Wilderness Reserve. The Reserve is also an Important Bird Area (IBA) due to the presence of the Newfoundland subspecies of Rock Ptarmigan (Lagopus muta welchi). Willow Ptarmigan and several species of waterfowl, such as Canada Goose, American Black Duck and Common Merganser, are also present in the Reserve. Harlequin Duck have also been observed in the area.

Big Barasway Wildlife Reserve

Big Barasway Wildlife Reserve was established in 1992 under the Wild Life Act. The Reserve encompasses 1.4km2 and provides habitat protection for the endangered Piping Plover. The Reserve is also an Important Bird Area (IBA), named so for the presence of this globally vulnerable and nationally endangered bird. The Reserve provides habitat protection for a number of other shorebirds.

Little Grand Lake Wildlife Reserve

Little Grand Lake Wildlife Reserve was established in 2002 to protect the habitat of the Newfoundland Marten. The Reserve is in two parcels which abut Little Grand Lake Provisional Ecological Reserve. The north and south parcels combined protect 564km2 of one of the few remaining core habitats for the endangered Newfoundland marten.

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